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Safe Community

Citizens deserve to feel safe in their own community. It's obvious that our community is experiencing change, as we move into these uncharted waters we want to ensure our safety is a priority and equip our local law enforcement with the tools they need. Criminal activity on our streets and in our neighborhoods, must be addressed ahead of issues some other communities in Colorado have seen.

Free Markets

Our city government should promote the freedom of entrepreneurs and corporations to establish businesses and compete in the market without showing favoritism or providing advantages to one business over others.

Responsible Spending

Public funds should be spent in a responsible manner, addressing the needs of the city first before consideration of special projects or non neccesity items. It is important to keep the city budget fungible and avoid irresponsible spending that threatens staple city services for the public.

Economic Development

The mission of economic development should be to increase availability of good paying job opportunities for the citizens of Loveland. It should not be focused on offering financial incentives for corporate retail and big-box establishments, and should work to help foster the growth of local start-ups and homegrown businesses.

Jeremy for Loveland
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